Mini Throw Bag-50'


Price: $21.00
Photo of a Solgear Mini Throw bag without rope in it.  It holds 50' of 3/8" rope.
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    Photo of the end of a Solgear Standard throw bag shown stuffed with 50' of 3/8
    Photo of both Solgear mini Throw bags that are empty
    Photo of a Solgear Mini Throw bag with Measurements
    Photo of both sizes of Solgear mini throwbags stuffed with 1/4
    Photo of a Solgear mini throw bag with 50' of 1/4
Solgear Throw Bags are made of florescent orange plastic-coated mesh so your rope can breathe and dry faster. Drawstring is woven through grommets for fast action cinching plus there is a foam float sewn into the bottom of the bag. Two grommets for your rope tail are backed with webbing to resist tear-out and allow you to tie the bag into the end of the rope. This Solgear Throw Bag can be purchased with 50' of 1/4" Float Rope or it is available empty.

Product Details

Available with 50' of 1/4" Float Rope

  • 1/4" Ultraline by Sterling® 2608 lbs (11.6 kN) Up close photo of 1/4" Ultra Line by Sterling Ropes
  • 1/4" Polypro Line by NRS® 950 lbs (8.5 kN) Up close Photo of 1/4" polypro line from NRS


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