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Schnadle Cradle - Small

Price: $39.00



The Solgear® Schnadle Cradle is a simple zippered envelope with 2 cam straps to hang it from your raft frame cross bar. There are 2 D-Rings to secure the bag in place. Great for miscellaneous stuff around the raft.


  • Small: 18" Wide x 13½" Tall


  • Water Bottles
  • Sun Screen
  • Empty Cans
  • Sponge

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Reviewed by pleflave1
07/22/2018 - 12:27:15 PM
Can't go rafting without it!
I love this bag! I hang it right behind my knees on the cooler crossbar. Great for all that stuff you don't want to have to fish around for in your rig bag. Organization is key on a river trip, and this is an essential piece for just that. My wife and I hang them all over the place on our raft for all that "schnadle" that accumulates on a river trip.

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